Welcome to my new blog where we will explore some of the miracle’s that nature has to offer. Cannabidoil is my favorite and not enough people are aware of just how vital and beneficial it is to our health. I hope after reading my blogs  you leave with more knowledge and a better understanding of the Miracle’s of Nature.



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The Cannabis Industry is expected to grow by the billions in the next few years. Every State that’s not legal have those few politicians who are trying to pass recreational. Some because they truly believe in it’s many medicinal miracle’s that have been proven to be effective and some realizing the amount of money that will generate in their State is too good to pass up. The fact is one by one all States will eventually become legal. 

I raised 3 great children, as a young Mother trying to make ends meet it was always a struggle. One thing I never had any problem with was finding a job. Not a dream job like some of those in the cannabis industry today but a job that put food on the table, kept the bills paid and the kids clothed. Always living week by week, paycheck to paycheck. I have always been the type of person that worked my way up to a leadership position. Not CEO or President but shift leader, trainer, line leader etc. The struggle was most of these jobs never paid well, they never kept my interest, and did not generate passion. The majority of my positions were in customer service, which to me is one of the hardest positions in any industry. I didn’t realize just how much those people skills would end up helping me today.

After my kids left home to start their own families, I realized after 35 years of working with the public, I wanted to find a way to make an income at home.The days of trying to please everyone at a job where young people had no respect for your authority any longer was now my choice. I didn’t have to tolerate the lack of morals, common sense or nasty attitudes any more, even if it meant not having what others take for granted. When you struggle your whole life sacrificing your needs just becomes normal. It’s just another day for the not so fortunate.

So with my 7 inch Android and my 10 inch tablet I started my search. The amount of funnel and pyramid scams promising me thousands of dollars a day were popping up by the dozens every time I logged on. I knew these were all to good to be true offer’s. My email was soon getting full of spam waisting my time and adding to my discouragement. 

One day as  I sat on the couch deleting 9 out of 10 emails, I found myself barley paying attention to the sound of the TV. What I did hear, immediately caught my attention. I realized that I needed to start researching about the very same thing I heard that day. What I heard was “Cannabis”. But where do I start? At this point in time Medicinal Marijuana wasn’t even legal in my State of Illinois. Looking back I now realize how far I have come.

Even though I have always been a big fan of cannabis I knew I had a lot to learn. I decided to create a Twitter account and start following people in the cannabis niche. It started so slow, 1 follower , 2 followers. I remember how excited I was reaching 100, 200 even 300 followers. My family however didn’t see this as exciting as I did, as a matter of fact they got quite the kick out of it “So do you know Mom has a Twitter account all about weed?” (histerical laugter). I didn’t let these non supportive children discourage me one bit! The more I tweeted, retweeted and kept up on the cannabis news of the day the more I started learning. I watched and read everything I could get my hands on and for once I wasn’t loosing interest. I wasn’t even worried about making money at that time, after all it would still be a few years before Illinois would jump on that green band wagon and I still had a lot to learn. My goal was to grow my connections and take in all the information that was out there. I knew this new road I decided to take would raise some eyebrows and definitely be good for those who unconsciously roll their eyes not realizing you saw them. I kept my adventure to myself knowing I wouldn’t get much support, not even from my family.

After 2 years and thousands of hours of networking. I decided to start coming out of the cannabis closet a little. I had to increase my connections and stick my neck out a little more to stay on top of this daily changing industry if I wanted to find a place in it.

 I had over 2500 followers on Twitter. This was my only social media platform I was involved with. With all the reading and researching I had been doing I decided to try my hand at this thing they called a “blog”. I googled it and  before I new it I was creating my WordPress account. Keep in mind I had no idea how to create a blog site. While it probably took others 15 minutes to set one up it took me hours. After a few entries I got the nerve to start contacting cannabis publications to see if they were looking for bloggers. To my surprise after only 2 weeks I received an email from CannaConsumer Magazine. This would lead to my first publication, a poem I wrote about marijuana. It was a guest blog that didn’t “pay” but my determination did and so did my exposure. A week later HopeGrown contacted me to publish another one of my stories which ended up being their “Spotlight” blog. They sent me a cool T-Shirt that I have hanging where I can see it as inspiration when I sometimes get discouraged.

I was feeling confident now. I wanted to expand my connections even further. Soon I was posting on Google+ , Tumblr and Instagram but I was still feeling that I was missing that one on one interaction , I needed people to help me, lead me and encourage me in this industry. After reading some articles about Linkden I decided to check it out. At first I was having flashbacks of signing up with Twitter. 1 connection, 2 connections.. Everyone I was connecting with was way ahead of the game I was attempting to try out for. My connections would soon be cannabis business owners, investors and growers. I still had a long way to go and realized the sacrifices I had made by being a young Mom and not staying in school to further my education was against me now. One thing I’ve always believed though is “your never too old to learn” even if I never get the opportunity to be a leader in this industry, I would still embrace the knowledge I could  learn from other’s. 

I have mentioned in my LinkedIn profile accomplishments I’ve made throughout my roll in the social media world. Like finding a blind disabled Veteran on Twitter and helping him get pain relief while he was visiting Las Vegas. My story and efforts reached the founder of the Las Vegas Medical Mariauna Association,Thomas Haynie. I received a personal phone call offering help from him which blew me away. He shared my blog along with many others, resulting in tens of thousands of views.

 I know what it’s like starting something new, struggling to get noticed in this busy place called social media. What I was doing to be nice was actually acts of Pro Bono. Helping new businesses promote their products or promoting new website’s. Connecting people with my connections so they can make million dollar deals. These were all acts of kindness that I later found out some people charge thousands of dollars for. What is really disappointing about starting over at my age is how everyone just “assumes” “They assume because I have the top investors or business owners as connections that I’m just as well off or I actually own a new car that I can jump into and travel to expo’s or conferences in different States. They “assume” I can catch the next flight to Vegas just to have a drink and collaborate. Little do they know that this is definitely not an option for me.

Soon there will be expo’s, conferences and new cannabis businesses popping up all around me. I feel with the amount of connections I have, (which a few have turned into great friendship’s) that I’ll be lucky enough to find my position in this industry. I have several great ideas for new apps, products and even charity drives but like the old saying goes “you have to have money to make money”  

So the wheels start turning once again , I would have to find something I could do on my own ,with zero start-up and at the same time make it unique and different. This is when most are ready to give up. I on the other hand am not that person. I’m the person who says “I won’t know if I don’t try”. More researching and sleepless nights, racking my brain for something that stands out from the rest.

One thing I’ve always noticed about the cannabis business is, the lack of knowledge the general public has about it’s many benefits and the educational features of the plant . This is especially true in States that are not legal . The majority of people haven’t even heard of an endocannabinoid system, terpenes or trichomes. People are out buying anything that is labeled CBD. They have no idea what they need or that they should ask for analytics to see what is in these products they are buying. Sadly most people selling these products also do not know what it is they are selling. I’ve always said education is vital when it comes to cannabis, not only for the well being of the people using it but to teach people the truth and end the stigma. We need to make sure people are educated when it is time to vote in all States.

That’s how I came up with CannaGram Apparel. Sure I know your saying there is an overabundance of marijuana T-Shirts on the market and you are absolutely right but there isn’t a line of apparel that promotes education and awareness! There isn’t a line focusing on the science of the plant. So CannaGram Apparel “Is Not Your Average Stoner Shirts”! With new cannabis Businesses opening as the recreational laws pass. There will be a plethora of products filling the shelves. My goal is to have the opportunity to distribute CannaGram Apparel to new businesses. Apparel that starts a conversation and encourage people to ask questions. Apparel that is different and unique. Apparel that everyone has heard of or seen someone wearing. A Brand “CannaGram Apparel”, Not Your Average Stoner Shirts. Send your friends A CannaGram ! Promote Cannabis Education and Awareness!

One thing I definitely know is if you believe in yourself even if no one else does ,you should persue your dreams with everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if your 15 or 50. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to and if your passionate about it you will see your accomplishments pay off. Don’t ever let other’s discourage you. What works for you might not work for someone else. It’s in your spirit and determination that make things happen. Even if your starting over at 50.

©Jean Everson

 With your support I can keep my dream alive. Support CannaGram Apparel 





People cross your path for a reason. This story is a reminder to pay attention when this happens. You just might be able to turn a negative situation into a positive response.

I recently had the honor and opportunity to connect with a disabled Veteran his name is Rodney Johnson. He shared with me his disappointment, negative and unacceptable treatment he experienced from the Veteran’s Administration while being treated for his disabilities. He expressed the ridiculous amount of the “lack of professionalism” and the “consious neglet” to rehabilitate people that have been affected by the opiate and narcotic epidemic. Instead of being  part of a solution our government employees are a big part of the problem. 

 His story opened my eyes regarding how our Veteran’s are really treated and how these men and women are caught up in the opiate and narcotic problem in America.

Rodney was brought up in a military atmosphere and spent a lot of time as a child with his father working at a VA hospital. Many of the terms and names of pharmaceuticals got to be familiar to him and acceptable as the norm for young Rodney, including flu shots that he received every year starting when he was a small child. 

After graduating from High School Rodney wasted no time and enlisted in the Military and he was stationed in Pensacola Florida. While in the Navy he was preparing to get deployed overseas but before he would be deployed he had to be administered a series of  “anthrax vaccine’s”. Not long after these vaccine’s were administered Rodney woke up to discover he wasn’t feeling the same and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this resulted in the loss of his vision. Type 1 is a growing concern and a disease that develops often after vaccinations are administered along with epilepsy, autism and attention deficit disorder.This is happening more and more with children and the term “vaxxed” is getting all too familiar. His superiors then informed him that he would have to be immediatly discharged from the military and was sent home.

After his return home and now dealing with the burden of type1 diabetes it wasn’t long before he started noticing massive swelling in his feet and was then diagnosed with having neuropathy and arithamologia .The pain was so intense he had been put on pain medication by the V.A. Doctor that was treating him. I’m sure this will be just as shocking to you as it was to me unless you are a Veteran. This was the medications he was encouraged to take and prescribed to take every day for years.One day Rodney decided he was done living like a zombie and wanted his life back. Even if it meant living in pain every day for the rest of his life.

He was prescribed over 200 pills a month on some of the following opiates and narcotics.

Fentanyl, Morphine drip, Liquid Valium,Percocet, Coladipin, Toridal, Vicodin, Acetominaphin they also where performing epidurals which would  put him in a wheelchair, depression and anxiety pills that he refused to take because he claimed he wasn’t depressed , After all how could you even feel any emotions after taking all those dangerous pharmaceuticals on a daily basis.

After his decision to take his life back, Rodney along with his wife and 9 year old daughter went to inform the VA Doctor that he wanted to begin the process of weaning himself  off of these harmful drugs and asked what options were available for him. He said he could tell his doctor was very disturbed and showed complete unapproval of his decision. He told Rodney those pharmaceuticals were his only option”take them or leave them”. To Rodney’s surprise this man was not trying to help him whatsoever ,he in fact was a pill pusher. As a matter of fact he seemed mad that Rodney was trying to improve his quality of life. Since this doctor was not offering any other options Rodney mentioned that he had heard about the positive stories of people treating pain with CBD Oil.  CBD is short for cannabidoil that is derived from the cannabis plant and is used to treat hundreds of diseases and ailments, especially for pain. He said you would have thought he committed a major crime! All of the sudden he was being treated like some kind of criminal in front of his family. The doctor said “WHOA DID YOU JUST SAY WEED? I GUESS WE NEED TO TEST YOU ! EVIDENTLY YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOURSELF AND WANT TO DIE” The Doctor then ordered his Vicodin Prescription to be taken away cold turkey, after 15 years and 200 pills a month,the cold hearted VA Doctor tried replacing pain medicine with muscle relaxers,that’s when Rodney told him he wouldn’t be needing his so called “care” any longer.

At this point Rodney didn’t know who to turn to so he sought out another VA Doctor for help. On his initial appointment he discovered she had no idea what an insulin pen was and in fact had never heard of one. He said the whole time they were there, instead of discussing pain management, this VA Doctor was asking his wife personal questions about their marital status and her role as a blind Veteran’s wife. He was there seeking alternative treatment for his unbearable pain that he was living with, not to discuss how his wife has to button his shirt everyday. It was obvious this doctor wasn’t trying to help him either. Now he was forced to drive 2 hours away to Durham where he met with a Neurologist that told him his only option would be opiates. He was put back on Percocet and after 2 months he couldn’t handle it anymore and stopped taking them. 

It has been 5 years now and even though Rodney lives with excruciating pain on a daily basis he said he will never go back to letting those deadly pharmaceuticals take away his quality of life. 

He has however found a successful way to treat himself for his pain but unfortunately he only gets to experience this pleasure once a year for only 1 week. How you ask? With cannabis! The only downfall is that Rodney lives in a State where it is still illiigal so he has to travel to a cannabis friendly State to get quality pain relief. His trips are sometimes limited to very few products due to his financial situation caused by his disabilities.
After hearing his story and realizing our own Government is a big part of the opiate epidemic that is taking far too many lives and leaving our disabled service men and women with little or no options, I decided that with Veteran’s Day around the corner I wanted to do something to help him and promote awareness especially about how he was treated by those he was giving his life for, he had planned to retire from the military, give them a life of service. Now they have left him with no answers and no support.

This year on Nov 8th Rodney and his Father in law( that suffers from Parkinson’s disease) will board a plane and fly to Las Vegas Nevada for one week of pain relief. His father in-law is hoping to find some relief from his uncontrollable shaking, a condition caused by Parkinson’s Disease.

I decided to go public with his story and seek help from the Las Vegas Cannabis Community. I started my plea by posting on my social media platforms requesting small gesture of kindness by the Cannabis Businesses. I started searching for the owners and employees on my favorite professional media platform which is Linkden. I was determined to find support for him and it wasn’t long before I got it. To my surprise I was contacted by Thomas Haynie the founder of “LVMMA” LAS VEGAS MEDICAL MARIJUANA ASSOCIATION. Thomas lit an additional fire in my heart to make this act of kindness a success for who I refer to as “My Veteran” Rodney Johnson. 

Thomas along with some awesome connections I have been blessed with, immediately started posting my plea to the cannabis businesses asking for support by donating products or samples to Rodney while he is in Las Vegas. Soon my catch line would be ” Las Vegas takes better care of our Veteran’s than the Government does”  I was also contacted  by Susan Lugo, a publisher with Sensi Magazine. She was kind enough to offer to pick him and his father in law up at the airport and take them safely to Hard Rock Hotel where he will be staying throughout his pain free vacation . 

My only downfall right now is the lack of response for donations. I’m not soliciting a plea for cash for entertainment, that is not why he is going. I’m only asking for small gesture’s of kindness, like samples of cannabis products for his pain, comped meal vouchers or maybe throw him a T-shirt from your business. One of his wishes is a tour of a dispensary where cannabis is growing ,where he can smell those healing and delicious terpenes while feeling the relief they give. I’m counting on YOU Las Vegas to set a positive example and show the world that we care about our Veteran’s . So if your reading this and know someone that can help please forward my blog to them. As a matter of fact I’m asking that you share it anyway just maybe the right person will see it the way I crossed paths with Rodney.

 If your making a trip to your favorite dispensary pick up an extra treat and get it to the Hard Rock Hotel between November 8th and 14th. Tell them at the desk that it’s a gift for Rodney Johnson to show appreciation for his service. If you can’t make it there but would like to help contact me at pmbarnes417@gmail.com . We will also arrange a pick-up at any local dispensary in downtown Vegas if necessary. Thank  you for reading his story and for all of the great people showing support . Together we can make a difference for our Veteran’s.

©Jean Everson @Free all The Herb’s


Zellweger Syndrome -A terminally genetic disease with no cure or course of treatment. Babies with Zellweger develop signs and syptoms of this condition during the newborn stage of life. These babies experience weak muscle tone, feeding problems, hearing and vision loss as well as horrific seizures. These problems are caused by the breakdown of myelin which is a covering that protects nerves and promotes the transmission of nerve impulses. The part of the brain and spinal cord that contains myelin is called white matter. Destruction of myelin leads to loss of white matter. Children with Zellweger syndrome develop life threatening problems in other organs and tissues like the liver, heart and kidney’s. They also have skeletal abnormalties, distinctive facial features , these precious babies typically do not live beyond their first year of life. These parents are told to go home and make funeral  arrangements because there is nothing more they can do. Even though Maddie came into this world with Zellweger’s ,12 weeks early and weighing only 2 pounds Meagan Holt would not accept this option for her daughter Maddie. Even though she was told they tried everything she knew there was one hope left that she wasn’t given the choice to try. This strong , courageous and amazing Mom made a decision that will forever change the minds of those who had no hope for little Maddie. She knew that with all the harmful and dangerously strong pharmaceuticals they were pumping in her little body that it wouldn’t be long before her baby wouldn’t be able to fight the damage they were doing to her body, mind, spirit and soul. 

Meagan Holt decided to take control of the way Maddie would be medicated since she knew she would be grasping onto borrowed time. It sure wouldn’t be by damaging pharmaceuticals but by the miracles of nature, the miracle of one plant that has let Maddie live,interact,smile, love and feel love. This plant is whole cannabis. 

She is the first to prove to the world that cannabis can treat other fatal diseases that no one knew about like zellwegers syndrome. Megan gives other parents the strength and knowledge they need to take control of their child’s medical options. She tells them to remember they have rights “you have a choice and  Doctor’s are here to guide you but they are not dictators” she says in a live video updating Maddie’s journey.

You can see the sparkle in Maddie’s eyes and those little fingers signing rapidly when Mom is talking to Maddie. A sign that you would never normally see in children with Zellweger syndrome because they are given too many pharmaceuticals to be coherent or alert. Cannabis has given Maddie these abilities to express herself and boy does she. On a recent interview Maddie even stole a kiss on the cheek from her new friend, which proves this little angel has a whole lot going on when it comes to feelings and emotions. 

When I contacted Maddie’s Mom Meagan and asked for permission to write this story I knew I was taking on the most difficult, heartbreaking and happiest story I have ever written. When I started it a few weeks ago,I cried with every sentence being written and decided I wasn’t worthy of writing such a tremendous story like Maddie’s. Then I thought if just one person read it and I was responsible for introducing them to Maddie and making them aware of how cannabis is responsible for giving this little girl not 1 but 5 birthdays it should be something to be happy about.  I didn’t realize all that needed to be said about Maddie, but her mom Meagan does a great job at that on Maddie’s Facebook page. I encourage anyone reading this to follow and support them, search for “Maddie’s Whole Plant Journey” here you will see how Mom uses cannabis to heal, relieve, and medically treat Maddie without using benzo’s. You will see how cannabis has controlled her seizures and pain.You will see how she perks up by smelling the terpenes in cannabis. But most of all you will see how cannabis gives Maddie a quality of life. This is what Meagan fights for even if they are living on borrowed time her daughter will be alert and alive knowing who is surrounding her with love. You will see Meagan in complete control of how her daughter is treated and medicated while in the hospital and right out of surgery. What you will see is something the whole world needs to see, how one Mother’s fight has proven so many Doctor’s , Specialists, and professionals wrong. Her story needs to be told and needs to be shared not for just Maddie but for all other children who are different. For all of the parents of children that Doctor’s have claimed “There is nothing more we can do for them”, just like they told Meagan Holt that Maddie would never survive past her first birthday. On July 3rd 2017, Maddie had a massive internal bleed they told her then that Maddie shouldn’t even be here and Meagan needed to accept the truth. Her response was  “the truth is.. nothing is impossible with cannabis.”

Miss Maddie will be turning 5 years old on Nov.1st She is having a HUGE magical Unicorn Birthday Party where everyone is welcome. There will be music , magic, lots of unicorns and a plethora of love for this special little lady. Due to her extreme medical needs there is a special wish list on Amazon for those of you that can help make her birthday wishes come true. It will be live streamed by Mom and singing “Happy Birthday” will begin promptly at 4:20 pm. If your in the Seattle Washington area stop in on November 4th from 12-6 at 3220 N.E. 125th Street and help make this glorious day a beautiful memory for Maddie and Meagan . If you are not able to attend please help me spread this invatation far and wide. For more information find “MADDIE’S WHOLE PLANT JOURNEY” on Facebook. You can even send Miss Maddie a birthday card she loves them and Mom will read them to her while her little smile lights up the room. If you want more information feel free to contact me and I will happily pass any questions on to Meagan.  

Since her birthday is in November please let this be a reminder of things you are “Thankful” for. Right now I’m thankful I found Maddie and Meagan and was given permission to write this blog. I am also thankful for giving all of you the opportunity to make her birthday epic. 

©Jean Everson,Free All The Herb’s.



Taraxacum also known as Lion’s Tooth is full of Medicinal Benefits. Some might not know this about the lawn lover’s pesky weeds. Dandelion’s have been used for thousands of years. The Dandelion has over 60 species that all have similar healing properties. Taraxacum is derived from the Greek words “taraxos” meaning “disorder” and “akos” meaning remedy. The word dandelion originated also by the Greek word “leontodon” or “Lion’s Teeth”. which is thought to be related to the tooth like shape of the leaf. 

Medicinal use of the dandelion was first recorded in writing in the Tang Materia Medica 659 BC. It was also noted by the Arabian Physician’s in the 10th. century. In the 13th century is was being used in Welsh Medicine. Dandelion has been used all over the world ever since.

In the United States many Native American Tribes considered dandelion to be a great gift and a prized possession. It was used as a gastrointestinal aid,  to cleanse and often for a healing compress. Native American’s used it by making tea from the leaves and flowers to heal sore throats. The Cherokee chewed the root for tooth pain and the Iroquois used the whole plant for pain as well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says dandelion clears heat from the liver and has great effects on your lungs and stomach. It also uplifts your mood soothes emotions, nervousness and irritation , For women it promotes lactation for new mother’s and balances your menstrual cycle.

Young dandelion leaves are great for salads or steamed while the older more mature leaves may become bitter. There are many other great Medicinal Benefits in Dandelion’s which include..

Weight loss, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, bone health,fights cancer, fights anemia, cleans kidney’s, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure,lowers blood sugar, cleans liver, mood enhancer, natural laxative, natural diuretic, rich in antioxidants, promotes healthy skin, treats arthritis, treats eczema and psoriasis.


This week was exceptionally fun picking a new herb to blog about this week. My 13 year old granddaughter Graci spent the weekend with me and on Friday we planted some home herb garden’s, which led to a  weekend talking and learning about herbs and their miraculeous healing properties. So today,  I told her she could pick the herb this week. She already had her mind set, her choice was basil. She grabbed her phone and away she went to research. I was very proud of her, she did a great job researcing, this is what she told me she wanted everyone to know about basil.

The word basil comes from the Greek word meaning “King” It was thought to have grown where the cross of Jesus Christ was discovered by St.Constitine and Helen. Basil is known to be the King of Herb’s. Their are 50 to 150 spieces of basil and can grow between 1and 4 foot tall.

Basil was very popular in Thiland and the name Thai Basil is known all over the world, other variations are sweet basil, Mediterranean, Holy, and lemon basil are a few.

The Medicinal Value is awesome ! Basil is an anti inflamatory, it treats fevers, coughs, sore throats, heart problems, children’s illnesses, stress, mouth infections, insect bites, skin disorders, tooth problems, headaches and eye disorders. 

Basil can be used as a dietary supplement , topically, aromatherapy or diffuse. This is definitely another herb that should be included in your daily diet. 


I’m asking all parents that read this blog to help me promote awareness in this life or death situation This is for all children that depend on cannabis daily to treat a disease or disability during school hours .This is one man’s wish that we as parents should make sure is fulfilled . Lobbyist Mike Robinson fought for not only his son and daughter but for all kids to have the right to use cannabis oil while at school by creating “The Peron Resolution” which started out being Genevieve’s Law and  was changed to honor Dennis Peron

Prop 215 for those under age 21 and allows Medicinal Cannabis to be used  in schools private and public and centers for a development disabled centers. Awesome right ?? WRONG! I always say if it’s not broke the someone of authority will break it and that’s exactly what happened when they created  Prop.64 .  November 8, 2016 California joined multiple other states with Proposition 64 allowing for the use of recreational marijuana. Awesome right ? WRONG ! At least not for the kids who need cannabis at school . Proposition 215 is no longer capable of gaining their natural and medical compassionate use of oils at any place where someone is working. All because of section 11362.45(f) makes the need for a joint resolution stating the need for creation of regulation beyond a necessity. “The rights and obligations of public and private employers to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace or require an employer to permit or accommodate the use, consumption, possession, transfer, display, transportation, sale or growth of marijuana in the workplace, or affect the ability of employers to have policies prohibiting the use of marijuana by employees and prospective employees, or prevent employers from complying with state or federal law.”  (11362.45 f) . So now I ask the States,  what are you going to do to fix this loophole that is only hurting innocent children that can not speak for themselves ? Children that depend on cannabis to keep them from seizing and becoming ill  school?

I call Discrimination ! Schools are allowed to distribute narcotics to children with a prescription for things like A.D.D  but they can’t distribute oil from a natural plant to keep them from having a seizure that could literally kill them ?  That is for the children already attending school,  the Children just reaching school age will not be permitted to attend school like Megan Holt’s daughter Maddie. They are keeping your children from an education but most importantly they are denying them the right to feel like a normal kid that just wants to go to school and learn and play with other kids.

This is why we must fight for exclusions when the laws don’t acknowledge the rights for special needs patient’s. We have to make sure these kids are treated fairly. No child should be denied the right to use a natural healing plant if it improves their health or quality of life no matter where they are at. If the teachers can’t administer it fine, let Mom come in and take her child to a private area for 2 minutes . It shows when they laid out prop 64 they were only thinking about one thing and we all know what that was. Money ! Obviously no one creating prop 64 was thinking “Let’s make sure we protect the rights of all school age Children who need cannabis ”  Mike Robinson felt it was his responsibility to step up , being a cannabis Patient himself and having a daughter with severe epilepsy, “Steve Kubby, the lobbyist behind Prop 215, was initially who Mike went to with the Resolution last year. He had a stroke and was no longer lobbying, since He registered back in Feb of 97. In California it was  decided it was Mike’s  turn to take the wheel”   He  found out Dennis Peron had fallen ill and what was going to be “Genevieve’s law” turned into the ‘Peron Resolution'”

Mike Robinson  hand delivered the Peron Resolution all the way to the Capital to  Senator McGuire . It is currently awaiting a bill numer. Bottem line is these are children it doesn’t matter who’s children ,their age ,race or illness. It shouldn’t matter what the law states, when it comes to our children it should be what’s best for them, don’t be afraid to speak up! It is your right as a parent. We have to fight for those who can not fight for themselves the way Mike has been doing for years . Remember it takes more than 1 voice or 1 man ,every breathing human being should show support for the health and welfare of a child!

©Jean Everson









This herb has many miraculeous health benefits.It has been used since the time of ancient Rome and was used for severe sword injuries. It is also famous for it’s ability to treat obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are caused by not enough serotonin in the brain. When you have enough serotonin in your brain the feeling of depression , anxiety and stress can be alleviated. St.John’s wart acts as SSRI , “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” The same properties as prescription antidepressants. St.John’s wart is just as effective as Prozac and Zoloft without the high cost and negative side effects that comes with prescription medicines.

St.John’s wart grows in the United States, Australia and Europe. It contains flavonoids, tannins hyperforin and hypercin these make up it’s medicinal benefits. It can be taken in pill form, tea or dried and put into capsules. It has 5  bright yellow petals and has a wood stem growing approximately two feet high. It grows along roadsides,in the woods and in meadows.

St.John’s Wart  has also been used for bruises, sprains, burns, sores, stomach ailments, insomnia, lung problems, coughs, and nervousness. One condition it has became quite popular in treating is the symtom’s associated with menopause.


As I was reading about cannabis and epilepsy a memory surfaced I really hadn’t thought about
until now, I went to a Catholic grade school from first to eigth grade.Thinking about it I can still
smell the chalk and the slight aoroma of the smoking Herb’s the Priest would swing from an
inscence burner going from class to class blessing each room.We would start each morning
walking single file, class by class to church a block away. Head up, eyes forward.If you took the
chance of looking behind you and slowing up the line you better be prepared to get your ear
practically pulled off your head.Once mass was over we all marched back to school like good
little soldier’s to start our first class which was religion.
This is where we were supposed to learn how to be good Catholics, learn to love thy neighbor
and treat others as we would like to be treated.We would study the 10 commandments, the
sacrifices, and the beatitudes. We would study the Bible even though I had no idea what most of
it meant. We would have to be on our best behavior in religion class.”Head up, Eyes forward” ” I
want everyone to bow their heads in silence and pray for 5 minutes ,which seemed like an
eternity when your a kid. All of the sudden it would start ,my heart would start racing like I woke
up from a nightmare where something big and grim was chasing me in the dark. The screams
and outburst of unidentifiable sounds echoed down the hallways ,I quickly stole a glance at my
classmate next to me ,she looked like I felt. The nun would spring from her chair and shut the
door and you could hear the doors shutting from all the classrooms. We never were told about
the class down the long dark cooridor ,the classroom that was the farthest away from the

I remember once in forth grade I decided that I wanted to find out about this mysterious
class, I was standing at the start of the forbidden corridor trying to work up the nerve to walk
past the classroom and take a look. All of the sudden I felt my arm being pinched as I was
grabbed up and turned around ” Is your class in this hallway ?” No sister ” you don’t have anybusiness being down there go to your classroom!”

When recess came I looked for my friend Kim she had older brother and sisters maybe she can
answer my question! “Hey Kim , what is wrong with those kid’s in the last hallway?” Oh their
retarted ,that’s special ed.class. Retarded?? Hmm ok .From then on I thought anyone that
screamed out, walked funny, studdered, randomly spoke out unrelatable words or moved about
in a crazy and uncontrollable manner was retarded.
I started noticing these kids more now but we still wasn’t allowed to interact with them.I would
notice their parents walking them in or out of that classroom while all the other kids were
playing outside.

I couldn’t wait to hit 6th grade that’s when you got more responsibilities like being a crosswalk
guard or running errands for your teacher.I finally got called to collect the lunch money from
every class ,you would start with the eighth grade and work down.Then it hit me ,I have to go to
the special ed.class. I started down the hallway and heard what sounded like chaos .As I got closer I could smell an unfimilar smell,It was a cross between a hospital and a nursing home.

As I approached the door the the random screams and cries got louder I knocked quietly and
thought I heard the teacher say come in but the door was locked, I knocked again harder this
time an when she unlocked the door I seen the faces of children who weren’t really there ,a little
boy strapped to his desk chair by a belt ,some sitting in wheel chairs with blank looks stairing at
nothing and drooling with a towel around them like a bib. I just wanted to get out of there but
was grabbed by a little girl wanting to feel my face while another one was trying to hug me.By
the time I left that classroom ,which had to be less than 2 minutes but felt like an eternity, I was
almost in tears because of how petrified I was.

Now that I look back I realize all these kids had autism or epilepsy maybe both or some other
disability. They were being swept under the rug and forbidden to participate in school activities
with the rest of us, they didn’t have lunch with us, didn’t go to church with us or couldn’t even
have recess at the same time the other classes did. I was scared of these innocent and sweet
kids because I must have heard from the teachers or other grown ups what they had been
taught in religion .

Matthewt17:14-21) A man brings his epileptic (“lunatic”) son to Jesus to cure, saying that Jesus’
disciples tried but couldn’t cast out the devil. Jesus rails against his disciples and their “faithless
and perverse generation” and asks how long he will have to be around them. He then cures the
“lunatic” by casting out the devil and explains to his “faithless and perverse” disciples that some
devils require prayer and fasting. He assures them, however, that they can do anything with
faith, including move mountains around.
Or it could have been a movie I rembember watching, where parents committed their kids into
an insane asylym because they said they weren’t fit for society. Just lock the door and throw
away the key right?

I am filled with great sorrow for all those children that were separated from society, not given
the chance to make friends with other kids who could have taught them things .They too could
have taught us something . I’m also full of anger and resentment for the Catholic Church to have
allowed this and to all religions believing that these kids are possessed by the devil. The worst
feeling though is regret , I sure wish I would have hugged that little girl back!

These awful memories that returned after 42 years have now inspired me to raise awareness
for these humble and unique and smart kids.Now that we know CBD can quiet these random
outburst and screams can stop the seizures and acts of self harm. These children with epilepsy
and autism might have the opportunity to participate in school activities ,have conversations
with other kids and make friends. Please teach your kids about children that have disabilities so
they won’t be scared of them.Make sure no one is giving them the wrong Information. Most importantly tell them it’s ok to give them a hug.

©Jean Everson, Free All The Herb’s.

A Mother’s Plea

The spirit within

was held on tight by

the disease that gripped her

day and night.

Each day was filled with a mother’s plea

“Take it away  and give it to me.

A childhood interrupted with pain each day

“make the seizures go away”

God had heard her please and cries at night

“Try my herb in the morning light”

One dose was all she had on hand

so he sent her to meet

“The Medicine Man”

He gave her the oil

That had been taken from us

A miracle herb called cannabis.

By : Jean Everson ©

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