Zellweger Syndrome -A terminally genetic disease with no cure or course of treatment. Babies with Zellweger develop signs and syptoms of this condition during the newborn stage of life. These babies experience weak muscle tone, feeding problems, hearing and vision loss as well as horrific seizures. These problems are caused by the breakdown of myelin which is a covering that protects nerves and promotes the transmission of nerve impulses. The part of the brain and spinal cord that contains myelin is called white matter. Destruction of myelin leads to loss of white matter. Children with Zellweger syndrome develop life threatening problems in other organs and tissues like the liver, heart and kidney’s. They also have skeletal abnormalties, distinctive facial features , these precious babies typically do not live beyond their first year of life. These parents are told to go home and make funeral  arrangements because there is nothing more they can do. Even though Maddie came into this world with Zellweger’s ,12 weeks early and weighing only 2 pounds Meagan Holt would not accept this option for her daughter Maddie. Even though she was told they tried everything she knew there was one hope left that she wasn’t given the choice to try. This strong , courageous and amazing Mom made a decision that will forever change the minds of those who had no hope for little Maddie. She knew that with all the harmful and dangerously strong pharmaceuticals they were pumping in her little body that it wouldn’t be long before her baby wouldn’t be able to fight the damage they were doing to her body, mind, spirit and soul. 

Meagan Holt decided to take control of the way Maddie would be medicated since she knew she would be grasping onto borrowed time. It sure wouldn’t be by damaging pharmaceuticals but by the miracles of nature, the miracle of one plant that has let Maddie live,interact,smile, love and feel love. This plant is whole cannabis. 

She is the first to prove to the world that cannabis can treat other fatal diseases that no one knew about like zellwegers syndrome. Megan gives other parents the strength and knowledge they need to take control of their child’s medical options. She tells them to remember they have rights “you have a choice and  Doctor’s are here to guide you but they are not dictators” she says in a live video updating Maddie’s journey.

You can see the sparkle in Maddie’s eyes and those little fingers signing rapidly when Mom is talking to Maddie. A sign that you would never normally see in children with Zellweger syndrome because they are given too many pharmaceuticals to be coherent or alert. Cannabis has given Maddie these abilities to express herself and boy does she. On a recent interview Maddie even stole a kiss on the cheek from her new friend, which proves this little angel has a whole lot going on when it comes to feelings and emotions. 

When I contacted Maddie’s Mom Meagan and asked for permission to write this story I knew I was taking on the most difficult, heartbreaking and happiest story I have ever written. When I started it a few weeks ago,I cried with every sentence being written and decided I wasn’t worthy of writing such a tremendous story like Maddie’s. Then I thought if just one person read it and I was responsible for introducing them to Maddie and making them aware of how cannabis is responsible for giving this little girl not 1 but 5 birthdays it should be something to be happy about.  I didn’t realize all that needed to be said about Maddie, but her mom Meagan does a great job at that on Maddie’s Facebook page. I encourage anyone reading this to follow and support them, search for “Maddie’s Whole Plant Journey” here you will see how Mom uses cannabis to heal, relieve, and medically treat Maddie without using benzo’s. You will see how cannabis has controlled her seizures and pain.You will see how she perks up by smelling the terpenes in cannabis. But most of all you will see how cannabis gives Maddie a quality of life. This is what Meagan fights for even if they are living on borrowed time her daughter will be alert and alive knowing who is surrounding her with love. You will see Meagan in complete control of how her daughter is treated and medicated while in the hospital and right out of surgery. What you will see is something the whole world needs to see, how one Mother’s fight has proven so many Doctor’s , Specialists, and professionals wrong. Her story needs to be told and needs to be shared not for just Maddie but for all other children who are different. For all of the parents of children that Doctor’s have claimed “There is nothing more we can do for them”, just like they told Meagan Holt that Maddie would never survive past her first birthday. On July 3rd 2017, Maddie had a massive internal bleed they told her then that Maddie shouldn’t even be here and Meagan needed to accept the truth. Her response was  “the truth is.. nothing is impossible with cannabis.”

Miss Maddie will be turning 5 years old on Nov.1st She is having a HUGE magical Unicorn Birthday Party where everyone is welcome. There will be music , magic, lots of unicorns and a plethora of love for this special little lady. Due to her extreme medical needs there is a special wish list on Amazon for those of you that can help make her birthday wishes come true. It will be live streamed by Mom and singing “Happy Birthday” will begin promptly at 4:20 pm. If your in the Seattle Washington area stop in on November 4th from 12-6 at 3220 N.E. 125th Street and help make this glorious day a beautiful memory for Maddie and Meagan . If you are not able to attend please help me spread this invatation far and wide. For more information find “MADDIE’S WHOLE PLANT JOURNEY” on Facebook. You can even send Miss Maddie a birthday card she loves them and Mom will read them to her while her little smile lights up the room. If you want more information feel free to contact me and I will happily pass any questions on to Meagan.  

Since her birthday is in November please let this be a reminder of things you are “Thankful” for. Right now I’m thankful I found Maddie and Meagan and was given permission to write this blog. I am also thankful for giving all of you the opportunity to make her birthday epic. 

©Jean Everson,Free All The Herb’s.


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