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For those who don’t know me my name is Jean M.Everson ,I’m a 50 year old proud wife, mother and grandmother. I started Free All The Herb’s almost 3 years ago to promote the awareness and the need to legalize and decriminalize medicinal and recreational marijuana.The stories and documentaries I came across always caught my attention but due to work and raising my family I didn’t have time to learn everything I wanted to. After the kids left home I had more time for myself so I started diving deeper into cannabis. I decided to create a Twitter account. At first I didn’t think that it was the place for me to further my research. It was a slow start with very few followers. I decided to hang in there and to start tweeting about the facts I had learned so far. It wasn’t long before I started picking up followers and because of these great people accepting me in their community I started learning more to aid me in this learning experience.
My kids of course thought I was crazy ” Can you believe Mom has a Twitter account and it’s about marijuana hahaha”! Everyone else in my family has no idea I don’t even try to tell them for fear of ridicule and laughter. Those that I did mention it to have no interest in supporting me or taking me seriously.
It used to bother me at first but not anymore because I have earned the support of close to 3,000 followers. Over 1000 on LinkedIn and that is  not counting Google+ Tumbler , WordPress and Instagram or Facebook.
My passion in this field is CBD OIL cannabidoil. The effectiveness of this medicine is the true reason the United States Government has made cannabis illegal.As a matter of fact cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 drug meaning it is one of he most dangerous drugs in existence and has no medicinal value whatsoever. Some government employees say it is more dangerous than cocaine, heroin and methenamine. I would like to know how they came to this conclusion without actually trying each of those drugs first hand. I also would like to know what is the reason the United States Government has a patent on this so called dangerous natural herb if it doesn’t have medicinal value after all they don’t hold the patent for cocaine, meth, heroin or oragano for that matter.
The most popular question I get from anyone I try to invite into my cannabis world is ” How much money are you making?” This too again bothered me at first so much I signed up for multiple affiliate accounts in the cannabis category. Keep in mind I was trying to do this on a 7 inch Android phone. Copy ,paste Copy paste this went on for a few months without making a dime. I finally realized it was because I wasn’t passionate enough about what I was I was offering. Some of the products that  I look back on now I can say I am embarrassed for even trying to sell them. I didn’t start my journey to sell pharphenalia or cannabis. I started it to learn and educate other’s on the fact’s we were all told lies about. Now that I look back I can say that I earned all my followers without selling a single thing.
I enjoy sharing education, rresearching, speaking up , and promoting awareness I support the people being ridiculed for using or treating their loved ones with an affective natural God given herb that has no horrible and deadly side effects that pharmaceuticals have. No one has ever overdosed or been physically harmed by cannabis in it’s history, which goes back thousands of years. Before the prohibition it was used throughout the world. It was in every pharmacy on every corner in every State. Hemp was grown and it served as one of the most beneficial and useful plants used in multiple industries. People long ago in every household were ordered to grow hemp and it could also be used to pay their  property taxes, that’s how valuable it was.

Twitter has also given me the opportunity to connect with some amazing people and the disadvantage to connect with some not so amazing individuals that see you coming and try to take advantage by their promises of instant overnight fortunes. The internet is overloaded with these hustlers who only care about one thing and that is taking your money. I have received thousands of emails wanting me  to sign up for webanars that provided information “I can’t get anywhere else” but if I sign up now for $300.00 they will let me in on their big secretes. I see so many people handing over their money and the truth is you don’t need to do that at all. Everything you want to know is free and right at your finger tips. You don’t need to pay for information you can research on your own.
I decided to take some of this information and instead of selling it I would start a blog. I could teach people the facts, free of charge if they were serious and wanted to take the time to just read. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. About 3 weeks after I started my blog site my first contribution was getting published by CannaConsumer Magazine. My words were being read and noticed. A week later I received an email from Hopegrown Magazine they wanted one of my other stories and to my surprise I was a featured “Spotlight” story which to me was a great honor.
My next goal will be a website to provide quality healing products at a very low cost for people struggling with financial hardships, after all we have all experienced this at one time in our lives. I always say you should never forget where you came from. No matter how rich and successful you become please remember that everyone needs help once in a while. I will have the opportunity to pay it forward and seek those who are looking for a way to afford what others are charging outrageous prices for. I hope you can take advantage of this blessing and experience the MIRACLE’S OF NATURE.

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