Monthly Shout Out

This month I would like to give TIM FRATTO A HUGE SHOUT OUT

If you want to learn, truly listen and educate yourself. I urge you to look up Tim’s informative videos on his Facebook page. There he will show you step by step the correct way to extract cannabis oil from the whole plant while separating fact and hearsay. He works very close to his cancer patients and implements what this beautiful plant can do with great success.  He keeps your attention and explains things clearly. You will definitely learn something new about cannabis after watching his extremely informative videos. Besides being a great teacher and healer he is a phenomenal grower. He pays close attention to his beautiful strains treating them with love and compassion until they bloom with super powers  then he determines which oil will work best for the type of cancer invading the body then he goes after it with a fury while stopping cancer in it’s tracks !

This shout out goes to you Tim Fratto ! Thank you for your passion to learn, heal others and for sharing  your priceless wisdom about this beautiful miracle plant we call Cannabis.

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