A Mother’s Plea

The spirit within

was held on tight by

the disease that gripped her

day and night.

Each day was filled with a mother’s plea

“Take it away  and give it to me.

A childhood interrupted with pain each day

“make the seizures go away”

God had heard her please and cries at night

“Try my herb in the morning light”

One dose was all she had on hand

so he sent her to meet

“The Medicine Man”

He gave her the oil

That had been taken from us

A miracle herb called cannabis.

By : Jean Everson ©


Genevieve  is the beautiful daughter of Anne Mari and Mike Robinson. She has severe ocd, autism and epilepsy and was suffering with multiple seizures on a daily basis. Her momma was beside herself ,she couldn’t keep watching her baby keep going through those seizures. She was desperately looking for some way to get both of them some relief. Thats when she found Mike Robinson and “The Bottle of Love” Mike has helped Gen tremendously. She started  expressing herself. She definitely lets you know that she is alert, she understands and she wants to join in the conversation. The seizures are few and far between now nothing like they used to be, you can see her exuberant spirit through her eyes and her  smile thanks to Mike and Justin Purcell’s medicine. The Bottle of Love not only helps kids like Gen it helps everyone who uses it. Follow the link below and see for yourself ! This is only the first of many miracles I will share with you. I hope you enjoy and please say “hello” to sweet Gen in the comments. We need to encourage her to keep talking💚



Welcome to my new blog where we will explore some of the miracle’s that nature has to offer. Cannabidoil is my favorite and not enough people are aware of just how vital and beneficial it is to our health. I hope after reading my blogs  you leave with more knowledge and a better understanding of the Miracle’s of Nature.



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